How to Eat Sushi: Ciscoe’s Guide with Perfect Wine and Drink Pairings

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Whether you are a sushi novice or a seasoned sushi fanatic (see what we did there?!), knowing how to eat sushi correctly can elevate your experience. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the best ways to enjoy sushi and suggest some exquisite wine and drink pairings from our menu to complement your meal.

The Basics of Eating Sushi

  1. Use Your Hands or Chopsticks
    Traditionally, sushi can be eaten with your hands or chopsticks. Nigiri (fish over rice) is often eaten by hand, while sashimi (slices of raw fish) is best enjoyed with chopsticks.
  2. Dip Sushi Correctly
    When dipping nigiri into soy sauce, turn it fish-side down to avoid the rice absorbing too much soy sauce, which can overpower the flavour.
  3. Eat in One Bite
    Sushi pieces are designed to be consumed in one bite. This ensures you experience all the flavors and textures at once.
  4. Use Ginger and Wasabi Properly
    Pickled ginger (gari) is a palate cleanser to be eaten between different pieces of sushi.
    Use wasabi sparingly. Mix a small amount into your soy sauce if you prefer a bit of heat.
  5. Order a Variety
    Explore a range of sushi types: nigiri, sashimi and maki (rolls) This variety can enhance your tasting experience and that’s why we have put together our stunning platters so you can try a bit of everything. 

Perfect Wine and Drink Pairings from our menu 

Pairing sushi with the right drink can enhance its delicate flavors. Here are some of our top recommendations from Ciscoe’s drinks menu:

White Wine

  • Sauvignon Blanc “Aroha Bay” (New Zealand): This wine has a lively, fresh cut grass nose with zippy kiwi and tropical fruit flavors, making it an excellent match for sushi rolls with fresh fish and subtle flavors.
  • Albariño “Pirueta” (Spain): Young and fresh with fragrant peach, white flowers, and nutmeg, this wine pairs beautifully with seafood sushi.

Rosé Wine

  • Côteaux d’Aix-En-Provence Rosé, Domaine Valfont (France): A crisp and light wine with a touch of caramel under the red fruits. It pairs well with lighter sushi rolls and sashimi.

Red Wine

  • Malbec “La Vaca Gorda” (Argentina): With aromas of plums and blackberries, this well-balanced, fresh, and smooth wine complements richer sushi rolls like those with tuna or eel.

Sparkling Wine

  • Prosecco “Vispo Allegro” (Italy): Fruity, lively, and clean with surprising depth of flavor, this Prosecco pairs well with tempura rolls and sushi with creamy textures.
  • Charmat Rosé, Flint Vineyards (England): Full of strawberry, cranberry, and red cherry flavors, this lively blend is perfect for sushi with bold flavors.


  • Kikusui Junmai Ginjo: Medium dry with an aroma of fresh melons and a medium body with mandarin notes, this sake is a versatile pairing for various sushi types.
  • Plum Wine, Nakata Kishu no Umeshu: A delicate plum wine that complements the sweetness of sushi rice and the richness of the fish.

Japanese Beer

  • Asahi Super Dry: Its clean, crisp taste refreshes the palate between bites and pairs well with various sushi types.
  • Sapporo Black: A smooth and light beer that complements the flavors of sushi without overpowering them.

Non-Alcoholic Options

  • Japanese Lemonade: A refreshing, citrusy alternative that pairs well with lighter sushi rolls and sashimi.
  • Green Tea: A traditional accompaniment to sushi, green tea cleanses the palate and enhances the delicate flavors of the fish.

Final Tips

Experiment with Pairings
Don’t be afraid to try different pairings to find your personal favorites. Our staff is always happy to provide recommendations.

Savour Each Bite! Take your time to enjoy each piece of sushi, appreciating the craftsmanship and flavors.

Ask for Recommendations
If you’re unsure about what to order, our knowledgeable servers can guide you based on your preferences.

We hope this guide helps you enjoy your sushi experience at Ciscoe’s Pan Asian & Sushi to the fullest. Whether you’re indulging in a classic nigiri or a deliciously crispy futo maki roll, the right drink pairing can make your meal even more memorable.


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